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Exhibition Management


Interior & Exterior


Experience and Portfolio

  • Evaluate the company’s experience in designing exhibition stalls and their portfolio of past projects.
  • Look for examples of innovative designs, creative solutions, and successful executions that align with your brand’s goals.

Customization and Creativity

  • Ensure the company can tailor their designs to your specific requirements and branding guidelines.
  • Seek creativity and originality in their concepts to stand out in a competitive exhibition environment.

Technical Expertise

  • Verify the company’s technical expertise in graphics, lighting, audio-visual elements, and booth construction.
  • Ensure they can seamlessly integrate technology and interactive features into the booth design.

Budget and Timeline

  • Discuss budget constraints and timelines with the company to ensure alignment with your event’s requirements.
  • Request a detailed proposal outlining costs, deliverables, and project milestones to avoid any surprises during the design process.

Our Working Processing

Design and Confirmation

Measurement & Working Plan

Actual Implementation

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